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PO has 2 kids, it was his primary vehicle until his son took it for a short time, then the first turbo failure. Got to do the brakes too, but I'll check out that lock soon before spending money. Doesn't look too difficult to do. If it needs to be replaced, do new ones have to be programmed to the car?
Yes, new ones need to be programed to the car. Had my right rear door go after washing the car, blew it dry with compressed air and gave it a shot of contact cleaner, been working fine since last summer. Same as a Cadillac, squirt the same place and replace the same part if cleaner doesn't work. When you know where to squirt and not to squirt you don't need to take the thing apart to clean, only to replace when cleaning doesn't work.

The $4 micro switch from Radio Shack fixes the $300 module, got 4 for $1 when they were closing and now that they are gone the Radio Shack part number went with.