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    2004 9-5 ARC 2.3T
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    Need help with possible diagnosis 2004 9-5 2.3T

    I'm driving down the road everything is fine when I was approaching the freeway on ramp and I started to accelerate the control panel lit up like a Christmas tree.

    first the engine light came on
    at the same time the Automatic transmission fault indicator light came on
    as did the Indicator TCS/ESP Off light
    The RPM dial dropped to zero
    the temp gauge dropped to zero
    and the car was very sluggish I assumed it was in limp home mode

    I wasn't far from home so I crawled back to the garage

    turned the car off and checked the throttle body and it was not in limp home mode so I tried to restart the car and it won't turn on.

    Any ideas where to start looking???>

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    Only one thing can cause all this at one time and that is ECM failure. If you were in rust country I would say check all ground connections first, in the desert check all fuses and then check all wire harness connections, then the wire harness for any sign of abrasion or wire breakage and every little thing you can see that could cause the ECM to stop working. After that check ground points and pull the neg battery cable and hope it resets the system.

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