Hi Everyone,

Failry new to the SAAB world. Having an issue with my Vector. It is throwing a P0033, which I have researched and looked into on WIS. I'm a little confused though becasue my car has one of those HKS blow off valves, which I read do not work well on these cars. The thing that has me stumped is that someone actually installed it right on the turbo. All of the pictures I see of them are spliced into the charge pipe going into the intake manifold. Anyways, I checked the vacuum lines off of the boost control valve and they are all holding vacuum. I'm pretty sure I need to get the Forge bypass valve? I just wasn't sure if I needed any other parts to go back to a bypass valve as opposed to the atmospheric BOV. I wish I could figure out what exactly is done to this car. I honestly think it may have a tune because the thing chirps 2nd gear at full throttle. I just find it hard to believe that a stock car would do that even being the "big T" I would appreciate any input.