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    Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    Well, I picked up a screw in my tread of my 2008 9-5 Aero and had to have the tire replaced. Discount Tire finally got my tire in and I went down to pick it up. They had kept the wheel from my previous trip, and mounted the new tire to it, so that all I had to do was have it put back on the car. They did that. Then on the way home the TPMS warning light never did go out. Then about halfway home the warning system said my tire pressure was low and to check it on the same tire that was replaced. Checked the tire pressure and all was good. Drove it around a bit to see of the warning would clear, but it never did. Then I sat down to research a little bit on the internet to find out how to clear the warning, and found I had an email. The email was from earlier in the day, and Discount Tire said they had broken the TPMS on my wheel and replaced it free of charge. They never mentioned this when I picked up the tire. Now the question is, does anything need to be done to get the system to sync up again, or is the new TPMS even compatible with the system on my Aero? The email said they fitted it with a HUF UV4030 TQ40 RED 433 MHZ INTELLISENS TPMS SENS CLAMP IN UVS4030. Any help is appreciated.


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    You could read all day and not know all about all the tire pressure sensors, or how to program the universal compatibles to your car. Discount Tire installed the sensor, they should have the tool to conform it to your car, they broke it, go back and let them finish fixing it.

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