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    Reducing torque steer on 08 Aero Vert

    I know Geniune Saab has products for the OG9-3 but haven't found anything to help reduce the torque steer on an 08, any suggestions?
    Car only had 50k miles on it.

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    Suspension upgrades, which I have barely looked into, thus far. Sway bar links, new struts/springs, make sure the tires are inflated properly. Shocks/struts wear out, depending on who makes them, they will say after 30k, 50k, 75k miles. Driven or not the seals eventually wear and the dampening effect is less.

    Front wheel drive vehicles with more power tend to have this issue, though Saab has nothing on the turbocharged Cobalt SS with an upgraded turbo. Shift anywhere past 3k rpms and you will lurch sideways a bit. There may be other aftermarket options.

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