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    Quote Originally Posted by greenie 00 9 5 kombi View Post
    Thank you for the info , got the Toyota Type 4 from the local parts supplier , and I need to fill to 3.25 l?
    Yes and No. The pan only holds about a gallon and without a flushing setup that is all you can get out out at one time. The poor mans flush is drain, fill and drive to mix several times. It's not a 100% fluid flush, but it will eventually get close. The important thing is to check tranny fluid level when warm and with the car sitting level, when you see where the dipstick is, you will realize that this is the hardest part of the job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digger View Post
    Lifetime fluids and parts. What is the life expectancy of a car?

    According to my internet research: "The lifecycle of a car begins and ends in a factory. During the manufacturing phase, countless materials are used to make many different parts. ... The average car will go through three to five owners in its lifetime, and typically have a useful lifespan of 13 years or 165,000-200,000 miles before it is scrapped.Jul 13, 2016"

    According to my dad: To avoid expensive repairs everyone should get a new car before the end of warranty, of course he and half his male cousins owned or ran new car dealerships. Privately the boy's would admit that new cars are a tremendous waste of money and that it's not the age or miles that end a car, but how it is maintained and driven.

    I drive an 94 mercedes E320 that still running strong with over 631000 miles on it , the things that failed were minor , like smog pump , power steering pump , water pump ,alternator and AC compressor , and I only do the required regular maintainance , but I don't drive it hard at all since new

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