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    2011 Saab 94-x lift gate problems

    hello, my rear liftgate stopped working. I figured out because it was sitting in two inches of water. I found a brand new module but I heard I need to get it programmed first. There is no power going to the liftgate at all though. I checked the fuses and they are all fine. So, two questions.... why wouldn't the rear lift gate have power? And how can I get the board programmed? Volvo said they can't do it. Cadillac said they can't do it. Such a shame cuz the car looks brand new. Just have some tail light issues.... haha!

    Anyone want to buy a Saab 94x??? LOL

    Let me know if you know of a guy... haha1

    thank you for all your help! You are all awesome!


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    Cadillac can't, or won't program your Saab 9-4?

    If Cadillac can't, it has to be that Cad dealership isn't authorized by GM to work on Saab. The Cad CTS and Saab ride the same platform, were built at the same plant and the GM card I use in my Tech 2 when I work on my brothers Suburban has the 9-4 listed under North American Saab along with the Trollblazer and Saabaru. Basically, any GM store that has been around long enough to have a Tech 2 can plug into the non Sweed built Saabs. Factory authorization to work on Saab is a whole different story and this means you need to find an authorized GM store.

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    What about the Saab service center in Austin? http://www.saabaustin.com/

    The 9-4X is such a rare vehicle so they may say the same. Perhaps try a different Cadillac dealer?

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    I am about to take mine to the local Cadillac dealership. They say that they can fix my power lift-gate strut failure, possibly with a GM non OEM (Saab) part. It has been a couple of years since the original failure but it has helped me keep my arm strength up lifting it manually and propping it open.

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    Did you fix it? if yoes, what was the problem?
    Anyway, if you need to program 9-4x with scan tool. you can say to it, that it's Caddy SRX 2011. It works.

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