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    Need new fob key

    Just bought used 2005 9-3 turbo with 155,000 miles.
    Does anyone own this particular model/year?
    How do I purchase an additional fob key?

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    Dave T.
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    You might have to buy a new key from the dealer and have them program it with a Tech 2. You can't reprogram a used key. Eeuroparts is another source. https://www.eeuroparts.com/Parts/417...SABEgJ96vD_BwE

    The rubber in the keys wear out easily so press gently and not with sweaty hands.

    Try to get a second key soon. If you lose your only key, it is extremely expensive to fix. You would need a new CIM module.

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    433mhz Saab transponder key fobs can be found on e-bay and amazon, they can also be purchased through several Saab specialty dealers and come with or without key blanks, do suggest you key fob with key blank and have locksmith copy your emergency entry key.

    Programing to the car is what you need to search for locally and don't waist any time getting a second key.

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