Hey everyone I recently bought another Saab. My first one was a 1999 9-3S that I traded a 1998 Volkswagen Cabrio for. I have since traded that Saab for a 1984 Honda V65 Magna which I still have and enjoy. My most recent and second Saab is my current 1999 9-3SE Convertible, and despite it's current problems I love it! I found it on craigslist for $2500 and paid $2000, but I believe I paid too much. One of the tires was low on air, and there was a buzzing sound where the auto climate control system is that I later found was an cabin temperature sensor that was draining the battery. I bought another sensor on ebay, installed a new battery, and that problem was solved. Next, I brought it in to have the valve cover gasket replaced. I currently have it in the shop to replace the struts, shocks, and springs because the front end alignment could not be done due to it sitting too low. He also pointed out the steel belts showing on the insides of the tires, so I'm having new ones put on. All four tires look pretty new, so once I replace the front tires they will be pretty new all-around. I figured since I was getting new springs in front that I should complete it by doing rear also. Well the mechanic finally got it up onto the lift Friday and called me on the phone just when I was arriving at work saying he wanted me to look something. They always want you to look at something, why can't they just tell you what the problem is and ok it for repair? I told him I was at work and could not look at it. He told me the steering knuckle assembly is stripped, which I found out from Goldwing Saab that it is common on those cars and I ordered a new one to have shipped to the garage for install. I'll be glad to get it back in better condition and enjoy some top-down driving again. One thing that it does that I don't understand is when I press the top down button the first time, I get a message on the SID saying convertible top failure. Then when I press the button the second time, the top retracts normally. It is the same every time, with getting the message the first time and then retracting as it should the second time. Any idea what could be causing this?