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    +06 Jalousie Replacement

    I have an 08. I want to cut the jelousie and slide it around the gears shifter shaft. The problem the removal of the base is not the same as in the earlier models. Has anyone done a replacement on a later model?

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    I just did my 06 last month. The base lifts up like the older cars. You need to make sure you lift the plastic that the rubber ring is attached to, otherwise you pull off the rubber ring and it is impossible to reattach. I cut the Jalousie and put it around the shifter then I had a small sheet of plastic that I superglued to the bottom to hold the 2 ends together.

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    Desmond Khoo
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    I've done it and it's the same. The only tricky thing is getting that ashtray out. There're 4 tabs that you would have to pry to get it out. Becareful cause the retraction gear for it tends to drop out and it's quite tricky to get it back into position.

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