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    Limp home fixed by restart

    06/9-3 sport Combie 2.0L - I have had my SAAB shudder while driving above 30 Km/h 3 times now, it only happens for a moment & then every thing acts normally except I loose my cruise control. Once I come to a stop the car acts like it's in limp home mode upon taking off, it takes a long time to get up to speed even with extra gas peddle. I put my icar reader on, it's Volvo & SAAB specific but pulled up no codes. No dash lights come on. Took to my mechanic but he could find nothing.
    The last time this happened I pulled over & tried 3 things, 1st I tried putting my trany to manual - it showed M1 but still slow response - 2nd I put into park then back to drive but still slow response - 3rd I turned the car off & removed the key, started up again, checked OK then the car ran normally, took off like a bullet. The cruise control works perfectly after restart.
    Any thoughts on this odd behaviour would be welcomed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waynemac1 View Post
    Any thoughts on this odd behaviour would be welcomed.
    Be glad the restart gets you going. No silver bullet here, to many things that can cause this from wires, to relays, to power, to the engine controller. If he ECM thought something was wrong you would have a code, so either something happens to tell the computer it's doing what is expected, or the ECM is getting flaky. Pull the battery neg cable, check cables, connectors, clean all ground points and if you're lucky the problem goes away and stays away. If not, one of these times it won't restart running normally and then you will be able to find the problem without guessing at what it could be and spending money replacing good parts.

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