I am new to Saabs but I now have 2006 9.3 convertable auto wit under 58000 miles and its a great car but from day one, and this is day 7, I have had problems with the right hand group of gauges. started with the temp gauge starting half way up a scaring the hell out me by going full scale when warmed up. I checked on the forums and disconnected the battery and temp sensor for half an hour - restarted and it worked a treat all day. Next day fuel and temp gauges fine but the turbo gauge would not move. Did nothing but the next day temp and turbo gauge fine and the fuel gauge read a 1/4 all the time, even when off. I am sure it will be different tomorrow.

Technically this would indicate a common intermittent fault somewhere in "the system", possibly just a dodgy connector - possibly something more serious. I could do with some help getting to the bottom of this one. Driving is no issue and she definitely does not overheat and I use the DTE readout to keep an eye on the fuel. Any advice gratefully accepted - HELP.