Hi, I've been experiencing a problem with my car, the rpm gauge falls to zero and I totally lose power steering while driving. Following this the car would not start until you've given it a bit of time (~5 minutes) and would show the message "Gearbox malfunction. Limited performance" and sometimes other things such as a traction control error. It happened about a week ago and it wasn't too bad, I was close to home so after restarting the car I slowly drove it home and a quick search online told me to unplug the battery for a few hours as it was likely an electrical bug and that seemed to work, the message went away and the car drove perfectly for a few days and short distances. That is until last night when I took it for a long drive and I had the exact same issue on the highway but this time after restarting my car it would only go ~200 meters or less before shutting back down and I would have to do the entire process of waiting to start it and shutting off while driving. The error code that I got from reading with an OBD II was "fault code: [P0725] Engine speed input Circuit". If anyone has any idea what the problem/ fix or any troubleshooting I could do please feel free to share. So far I've come across a post that says it might be a crankshaft position sensor that needs replacing, or a transmission fluid leak onto the sensor?, although I can confirm that there's no leaks from my car to the pavement below.

Thank you, Zorin