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    Loss of power steering and zero rpm, Gearbox malfunction error!

    Hi, I've been experiencing a problem with my car, the rpm gauge falls to zero and I totally lose power steering while driving. Following this the car would not start until you've given it a bit of time (~5 minutes) and would show the message "Gearbox malfunction. Limited performance" and sometimes other things such as a traction control error. It happened about a week ago and it wasn't too bad, I was close to home so after restarting the car I slowly drove it home and a quick search online told me to unplug the battery for a few hours as it was likely an electrical bug and that seemed to work, the message went away and the car drove perfectly for a few days and short distances. That is until last night when I took it for a long drive and I had the exact same issue on the highway but this time after restarting my car it would only go ~200 meters or less before shutting back down and I would have to do the entire process of waiting to start it and shutting off while driving. The error code that I got from reading with an OBD II was "fault code: [P0725] Engine speed input Circuit". If anyone has any idea what the problem/ fix or any troubleshooting I could do please feel free to share. So far I've come across a post that says it might be a crankshaft position sensor that needs replacing, or a transmission fluid leak onto the sensor?, although I can confirm that there's no leaks from my car to the pavement below.

    Thank you, Zorin

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    A scan tool that doesn't have Saab extended code set can point you to the wrong location and you could have flaky CPS or even leaky tranny sensor, you could also have a flaky ECM.
    The best suggestion I have is to pull small fuse 2 in the under hood electrical center for a couple of seconds to reset only the ECM to eliminate the tranny sensor, replace the CPS because they are common failure item, cheap, easy to do. After that you find someone with a Tech 2 as you will need it.

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