Hi guys,

I've decided to join this SAAB community, also ... let's see if I can learn a bit more about our (big) toys...

I've recently bought a silver 95 Aero SW MY02 with 164K Kms. The car is in very good shape, and was owned by a good friend that unfortunately had to sell it. I was looking for a sedan, but.. here we are

I am missing some important features for me; full leather seats, electrical+memory seats, graphite or black wooden dashboard. I might retrofit some of them - read somewhere seats can be a bit of PITA). If I find some 2005 bumpers... I might fall into temptation (specially given that the front bumper is slightly scratched and the lip not fully attached . I am also planning to upgrade the headunit with an Android one (I think, I am not fully convinced on the quality of these chinese headunits) - btw great post on that in the forum!!!.

I have three small issues with the 95 so far:

* SID.... As usual, on the way to solving it that's easy (ribbon on the way). I am thinking also to upgrade to SID2 (pretty increidble it wasn't std. equipment in Aero models, as well as full leather seats). EPC states reference should be either 12806124/5263264, but I am still unsure if it needs tech2 or not... We will figure out.

* Whenever I start or stop, and sometimes when taking roundabouts, I feel a bit of vibration in the steering wheel. It's subtle like if something gets into position. First thing that it came to my mind was a silent block. In the next service I will ask to check them. But in the meanwhile, anyone faced the same symptoms (note that it doesn't happen wiggling the steering wheel, as the steering column was lubricated thinking this was the cause)?

* The car, specially compared to the 9000 CSE 2.3T, always felt slow. It's true that the 95 a) has a stiffer suspension (bilstein b6 + -3cm springs), so less acceleration body roll and less acceleration impression b) it's heavier than a 9000 c) old turbos are... old turbos.

But the truth is that with 3d, 4th and 5th gear almost never I get the turbo gauge to reach the redish zone, it always stays in 80 - 90% of yellow zone . And here is the interesting thing, sporadically, specially when shifting up, I see the needle jump into the red zone first 1/4 section for just a fraction of a second, and then drops at about 80% yellow zone.

Interestingly enough, and that's what is making me suspect a bit of either the wastegate or the APC valve, when accelerating hard say in 3d gear and lifting the throttle immediately, I get a fraction of a second an interesting turbo kick (like a back kick). It doesn't actually reflect in the turbo gauge, but it _feels_ stronger than the regular kick, for whatever reason.

Any ideas on that? I've never experienced these issues with the 2.3FPT in the 9000, and I am pretty sure is not normal.