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    Question 2003 9-3 Front Suspension

    I'm replacing the front suspension on my 2003 9-3 and was wondering if anyone else has done this themselves and what parts you went with. I'd like to keep the same ride quality and height. There seems to be a big difference in costs like between "1Aautoparts" vs "eEuroparts" or other brands like KYB, Monroe, etc. The strut assembly from 1Aauto seems to be the best price, but does it give the same quality in ride?
    Any experience with this or feedback would be appreciated.

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    Can't say the A1 parts will give the same ride quality as I've never driven a brand new Saab, can say that the strut assembly fits and rides better than bad struts with weak springs.

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    If you are keeping the car longer than say 5 years don't use Monroe's. I liked them but they didn't have longevity. On my wife's car they lasted about 5 years. Then I replaced them with Sachs.

    Parts quality can be hit or miss anywhere. I have to say I had problems with Professional Parts and Uro parts so far. Sometimes being cheap has not paid off for me.

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