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    1995 900 SE V6 Convertible Automatic Trans
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    Is it worth keeping my 1995 900 SE V6 Convertible?

    I love my 1995 900 SE V6, Automatic Transmission Convertible (has 173,000 miles). However, it has issues and I am so perplexed on whether it is worth dumping, possibly a lot of money into or just parting ways. If we part ways, what is a reasonable asking price?

    My main concern is if I put money into the car to get it inspection worthy (about $2,000) and the engine, which has had a knock for about 60,000 miles now, goes up that is it for the car, right?

    My trusted Saab specialist mechanic told me that the Cadillac V6 engine that my car has is not a good engine and might not even see 200,000 miles. Also, the car has been sitting in our driveway since fall 2017. We start it every once in a while. But, last month when I started it white smoke blew out of the exhaust pipe. A lot of white smoke for the entire time I ran the engine, which was about 3 minutes. My mechanic did not detect any head gasket issue, ever. What else could be causing the white smoke?

    Any insight that anyone has in regards to this specific engine is appreciated. Also, if the engine goes, can it be replaced or is that the "end of the road" for this Saab?

    Thank you so much!

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    White smoke means moisture. Lots of white smoke isn't good. If it smelled like antifreeze, head gasket is leaking. Would advise having your mechanic do a more thorough diagnosis. Based on what you described, I suspect head gasket.

    Of course you can replace engine, or rebuild it. It needn't be super expensive. The larger question is whether it's worth it. LOL, being an enthusiast, I constantly throw money into my Saab, without doing much of a ROI analysis. I don't spend the grocery money, just whatever I decide is affordable. And I enjoy keeping an old car on the road.

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    Always a tough call. I've had my 95 900S convertible for 20 years and am thinking the same thing. She's running great but I don't have the spare time to tend to her as I always have. I'm thinking it may be time to pass her along to the next owner who will love her and can carry on her legacy....

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