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Long before I ever even thought of owning a Saab I thought the key in the console was a "novel?" idea and I would much rather have the key in the console and not the fob with the big collect all dirt hole which I find to be a bit of an irritation. Have to agree with your mechanic, if you have to punch the fob into the hole several times to trigger the wheel lock, it's time to do something with the switch. When the switch isn't working like it should the auto shutdown might not work like it should and when that gets screwy the system needs to be reset to work.

Just a little FYI for the future readers of this post and that is when you start pulling power from this system, either by fuses or battery cables, both fobs need to be inserted and removed from the switch to re-synch the remote openers with the car.
My discussion with my Saab mechanic covered the "security" requirement set up by "insurance companies" and the layers of bus connections that implements the security. This is the 3rd Saab in our family, the 9-3x bought new is the best one, no issues until now.

Thanks again