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    Automatic Transmission Dipstick

    Hey all:

    I'm trying to top up my A/T after experiencing a long slow leak through a bad cooler hose.

    Step 5 on the WIS indicates I need to "5. Check the fluid level using DT-47653 Gauge rod. (engine idling and selector lever in P)."

    I believe I got such a tool

    Name:  IMG_20180917_142333.jpg
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    Here are two other views:

    Name:  IMG_20180917_132915-s.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20180917_132818-s.jpg
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    The problem is, I can't get the dipstick down into the transmission because there's a part in the way. Here's the view of the fill-hole, you can see from the closeup shot that there are parts in the way.

    Name:  IMG_20180915_161332-s.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20180915_161332-closeup.jpg
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    Can anybody please tell me if I've got the wrong tool?

    All help appreciated!

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    It’s my understanding that after cycling per instruction, replace the drain plug, then fill fron the add plugtill it begins over flow.

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    Trans fluid partial change and level check

    .I'm brand new to the forum and never even started a saab but my neighbor asked me to check his 2004 9-5 2.3T automatic trans so the first thing I did without starting it was pull the "dipstick" thinking I'm looking at oil and it fused out the dipstick tube about 1/2 at before I could reinsert the dipstick. This dipstick is on the leftf side between the battery and motor. Then I found the big yellow oil cap dipstick (& what appears to be an oil fill with reservoir on the right side near the fender.

    How much trans fluid should drain from the drain plug beneath the motor? And then I guess I should add that same amount and once warm, the fluid should be between mark on the dipstick while running??

    So here I am and I figured somehow the transmission was way overfilled, bought 5 qts of TLS, and drained the transmission from that big bolt on the bottom near the cat converter. I thought i read that draining from here will remove 4 qts of fluid so I expected more than 4 to come out but only 2 qts drained..

    I need to know why the trans fluid gushed out when I pulled the dipstick.. and i need to know how much to add and then how to measure.. In this thread I think I just read that a cold transmission after draining from the bottom should be filled at dipstick until it just overflows.. this would all make sense if it was recently topped off while cold.. and the pan holds about two quarts which brings the level to the top of the dipstick tube while cold..

    Note, ive done this more than a few times on general motors cars... hell a month ago i changed a general motors th700 transmission in a parking lot.

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