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    Can anybody help and advice?

    I have been having the following issues with intermittent juddering at high and low speeds from my 9-3 1.9 TID 58 plate estate.

    The near side front wheel was getting so hot that you couldn't touch it. So I thought that the near side front break caliper was seizing on. I have had the front wheels off and checked the breaks, the caliper piston went back with no major problem, so I took the caliper and cleaned up the sliders, copper greased and back together making sure the slider was moving freely.

    Since doing this I am only getting break judder at high speeds, I know this is down to break discs being warped. Can anyone advise any thing else other than changing the break pads and break discs as these are cooked, I have read on similar threads it could be the pump? calliper? or even the flexi pipes.


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    Quote Originally Posted by gary.t.taylor View Post
    I have read on similar threads it could be the pump? calliper? or even the flexi pipes.

    Could be any or all of the above. Way to many people compress the calipers when replacing pads and rotors forcing dirty brake fluid back into the ABS valve system and flushing the brake system might be your first best effort to permanently resolve this problem.

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