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    valve cover restoration.

    I just detailed my engine bay and everything looks great except for the silver valve cover: its all rough and warn. Has anyone here had any good experience/remedies for making it look newish?

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    The 9-5 cam cover has a textured surface which makes getting it to look anything like new very difficult. On the 9000 the same part was painted black with just the horizontal ribs and the word Saab Eco Power in bare metal. You could try that or you could see if you can find a shop that will shot blast it for you. If you take the latter route it will get dirty again fairly quickly.

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    I sand blasted and powder coated mine red a few months back. Wanted some color other then the stock black

    For me it only costed a few hours time since I had the equip to do it. I have charged others about $50 to do the same on other cars

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