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    Unhappy Transmission errors + no lockup function

    Hello all,

    Could someone point me in the right direction

    Had massive problems (will not engage drive or reverse, massive smack/thud on reverse when engages, sometimes engages and drives ok but will not lock in 4th gear,) with gearbox, but with the help of this forum and with lack of mechanical skills but strong will I tried couple of things hehe

    Changed oil, dextron lll but unknown brand (point me which oil to get in EU because texaco I cannot obtain) oil was smelly (burned probably) and new one on dipstick is also smelly (same smell like burned)

    Changed shift mechanism on top of the gearbox (don't know name of the part) but when u move stick its moves a potenciometer inside and is

    Changed TCU from donor which has no GB problems. Drive a short drive and did not get as before 0743, 0780 etc only this error as attached 0753 and the shift was smooth (relatively) , I was able to drive it a couple of times but I dont have lockup function anymore, in 4th speed it will not engage lock up, instead the RPM jump high and the car start accelerating

    Downloaded WIS and checked resistances on plug at battery and on TCU unit, got 16 Ohms and 4 Ohms where needed as WIS says

    What to do now apart of trying to buy solenoids as forums told me? And from where to buy them?

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    Rostra's as Unclemiltie recommended ....

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