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    Quote Originally Posted by Faildata View Post
    Update: I've accessed the aluminum lines supplying the heater core, the upper one is too hot to keep my finger on, the lower one is ambient temp or just slightly higher. Heater core is in the mail, I'll update when I get it in for anyone following.
    Never know what you will find when you open the cooling system of a 20 year old car. Some people never flush and replace coolant, most are like me and use the garden hose when they flush and refill, but even the ones who use distilled water and do it all by the book sometimes get a piece of the jug seal in with the coolant. Pulling the hoses under the hood and using the garden hose to back flush the heater core and hoses works often enough to make it worth the effort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swisssaabist View Post
    how have you fixed it ?
    I went to a junk yard and found the little plastic piece that holds the motor to the blend door

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