Since I haven't found a complete list, I decided to compile what I believe is everything to fully convert your Linear to an Aero. If there is anything I'm missing please add on to the list, and if anyone knows where I can get those damned beige sport seats please message me.

  • Sport Steering Wheel: PN#5201033 these are pretty common on ebay

  • Door Sills: Black: Driver side 5430947, Passenger 5430954 Beige: Driver 5430962 Passenger 5430970

  • Bolstered Sport Seats: The black ones are plentiful on eBay, but if you're in the same situation like me with a beige interior, good luck. Comb through eBay, junkyards, craiglist and just maybe you'll find these rare Beige Sport Seats.

  • Aero Conversion Kit (ECU): eeuroparts this is necessary for the car to efficently use the turbo. Or you might be able to get your Linear ECU reprogrammed, but there's some additional hardware you get with the kit.

  • Rear Brake Caliper Mounting Bracket/Carrier: I can't find these, you'll need to look through ebay, junkyard, craiglist or buy the Aero spec calipers which is $$$

  • You'll need new tires for the 17 inch wheels