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    Problems with soft top 58 plate 9-3 Aero

    Just joined the forum so do please forgive any rookie errors.

    I've finally got my dream car, but am having some issues with the soft top. It does appear to work, though we've not had much opportunity to have it down given it is November, however when I am driving along with the top up I am getting a beep and a message saying complete soft top activity (?) before driving. The top is fully up. I have pulled over to check it and then went to try to put the top down and then back up again just to check and I get manual operation only.

    Returning to the car a few days later and it is working fine again, however went shopping, put the shopping in the boot and about 20 minutes later the complete soft top message beeped up again.

    What could be going on?

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    You have a sensor that is just on the edge of working. Odds are it is not getting enough use to keep the contacts clean and your contacts are now affected by temp and humidity. No silver bullet fix for this, running the top a dozen times can usually clean up the contacts, when that doesn't work manually cleaning and sometimes replacing is required.

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