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    Fuel pump replacement

    Not knowing how old it was I was going to replace the fuel pump today . Figured it would be quick and easy. With the new pump in hand I open the cover up and see this mess.

    At first I didnít know how it was supposed to look so I started pulling the electrical connector off. The fuel lines started to get me confused. That is when I realized this was another part the previous owner hacked together instead of fixing it properly. The one connector is in welded shut and the other one seems to be covered with a huge glob of silicone. The return line is installed in a hole that he drilled with silicone slathered all over to keep it in place.

    So now I need to order the plastic clips for the fuel lines. Hope that I can save the housing. If not then I will have to buy another housing since I only ordered the fuel pump itself.

    Good news at least I know the pump has been replaced at sometime in the past.

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    Ah, the crimes of previous owners... Never a dull moment, huh?

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    I suggest that you give it a very good clean first until it is 100% spotless. As you unscrew the plastic rim it will drop all that dirt into your tank and you will have a major issue.

    Also 2nd suggestion is to buy the whole unit. They can bet got now OEM for about £130, do the lot in one go.

    Be very careful to prise off the plastic it can be brittle.

    I managed to get the screw thread off by very gentle taps on each quater with a hammer and large screw driver. I only broke off one lip. Also my kit came with a rubber seal and new screw thread.

    You need to replace the gasket or it will leak. Also put lots of plastic around the unit before you pull it out, and run the car to near empty when you change it.

    Then if you drop in dirt you can mop out!

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