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    Two questions from a newbie

    Hello Saab World people. I an new on here and already have a problem with my 2003 9-3.
    The ABS, Traction and Stability warning lights have suddenly appeared on my dash.

    What I want to ask you is; (1) if when driving in a straight line my scanner says that all wheels
    are turning at the same speed with no fluctuation in speed of any of the wheels, would this indicate that my speed sensors are working ok?

    (2) Am I right or wrong in saying that you canít remove/replace a speed sensor on it's own, but that the whole wheel hub has to be removed/replaced?


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    The rears are built into the hub, so the whole hub needs changing.

    Tech 2 will be needed to check for error codes.

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    you have certainly more an ABS TCS module failure, than an issue with sensors.
    on that site you can find documentation how to do for dismantle.
    there is a company in Netherland who's reman them, i've never using them so no experience about

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