At 70k had a "unique" occurrence where, according to the shop, part of the chain guide/guard broke and caused the chain to jump a sprocket or two causing the car to barely run. They replaced the chain, related guides, gasket, etc. for about $1500. Fast forward 80k miles and my check engine light is on. Turbo is limiting to not more than about 50%, engine is sluggish and rattling noise. Saab service (not the place that did the prior repair) checked it out and said it is the timing chain. My understanding is that the 2011 9-5 Turbo4 2.0L has an actual chain, not a belt. With a chain, i am surprised that it would need to be replaced after about 80k. Called the shop that did the repair and they said, "well the first one lasted 70k and this one lasted 80k so makes sense." However, in 2014, they told me that the first replacement wasn't due to failure of the chain but the fluke event of the chain guard breaking and causing the chain to jump. Can someone confirm that the 2011 2.0 does in fact have a chain and not belt? Should the chain last longer than 70-80k? Is it possible that it is the tensioner and not the actual chain that is failing? Thanks!