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    2002 9-5 linear wagon
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    2002 9-5 linear wagon will crank but won't start

    I was driving and made a left turn and the engine shut off and wouldn't turn on again. I got it home and started to work on it and replaced the CPS and the DIC and both did not help. Then, I realized it might be because I didn't not have enough fuel and the fuel gage was off. I tried again to start it and it would crank but still not start. I tried the gas pressure and the fuel pump both were good, I unplug the secondary sensor close to the firewall and checked if everything was working okay and it was.

    I'm stumped and not sure what to do, hopefully someone can help!!

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    2007 9-5 2.3t
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    I recently had a similar problem with my 2007 9-5 2.3T. I tried everything as you; replaced the DIC, replaced the CPS, checked fuel pressure at the rail, unplugged sensors, sprayed fuel into the throttle body and had it ignite, etc. I finally gave up and brought it to an indie who specializes in Saabs and it ended up being the fuel pump. I'm still baffled by the diagnosis since I measured fuel pressure several times and it seemed good (40+ PSIG). At any rate, the fuel pump was replaced and the car has run fine since.

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    Is the check engine light on? Getting a code scan is the fastest way to narrow down the source of the failure. Even a cheap generic OBDII scanner will get you some info yiu can use to avoid spending money on unnecessary parts.

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