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    Saabs in Deutschland - are older models allowed on road?

    Just got back from extended trip to Germany for the holidays, and was curious about how car enthusiasts keep older models on the road. Saw a few Saabs, newer 9-3/9-5 models, but no older models. In fact, I saw practically no older models of any make. No auto parts store, either. I know the German TUV inspection can be rigorous, especially as cars age. My question is how do Saab or any other makes enthusiasts keep their cars on the road?

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    Quote Originally Posted by southsaab View Post
    My question is how do Saab or any other makes enthusiasts keep their cars on the road?

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    This link is for the Antique Automobile Club of America https://forums.aaca.org/ and we help each other keep our collectibles on the road. I don't have the link for the German counterpart, but I imagine they work about the same way.

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    It start to be really hard to keep an old car in Europe today, we are specially aware for all climate change stuff and questioning about these facts.
    inspections rules are suddenly becoming more strict with new standard euro6, As the fuel cars have reputation to emit more Co2 than diesels they have made better conditions for new diesels engines vs old crappy fuel engine( for example i'd to pay more than a 3lt diesel engine like audi Q7 for my Saab) meanwhile NoX is way mucher than any other engines and is pretty bad for health.
    Germany has so many good used cars on the market it seems they could have diesels for cheap prices, premium segment have plenty of Audi's, Mercedes and Porsches so thes don't want to keep a vanished brand.

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    Many places in Germany limit traffic in towns and cities to vehicles that pollute less. In general, older cars pollute more so you won't be able to go anywhere with these anymore.


    Road traffic accounts for roughly one-third of particulate pollution. In cities, conurbations and near busy roads, particulate emissions often account for clearly over 50 % of air pollution. In an effort to protect human health, the EU has passed a European Directive which allows municipalities to establish environmental zones in city centres and conurbations. Whether such zones are established and when they will become effective depends on the local conditions.

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    There are auto parts stores in Germany that look like AutoZone. Just have to know where to look. They aren't in touristy areas but you won't find an AutoZone near Wall Street in New York.

    One chain is ATU. See http://www.atu.de Next time one is in Germany, use their store locator to find a store. It's an interesting place to visit. Things are similar to AutoZone but also different. The labels are different.

    There are old cars in Germany. Don't they call them Young Timers, cars that are about 25 years old? Some European countries are also a source of used cars for Africa. In Nigeria, some cars are from Europe but some are from NY/NJ and Texas. That is because some Nigerians who live in those areas have become used car exporters and export New York and Texas used cars to Nigeria, where there is a large market for used cars but only a small market for new cars. See http://saabworld.org/used-saabs-africa/

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