Hi everyone, I m facing 2 issues on a 2.0t 2007 convertible :
1) immediately after cranking the engine smell and white smoke coming nearby the turbo area ? Seems to come from the cover valve but not sure

2) randomly misfiring with a lot of white smoke on the tailpipe until engine stalls. Smoke smells gas and not oil. Not happening all the time. I recently removed the spark plug ( that I recently changed) happened to have a black carbon fouling. Seems the car is running too rich ? Could this be related to issue #1 above ?

Additionnal information :
- run compression test and good results
- no oil leak in the vacuum pump gasket area
- I have a basic scanner who return P0245 and P0201
- inspected turbo intake impeller and looks good with a “normal” play on the turbo charge
- recently changed spark plugs, Evan canister purge, boost pressure control valve, upper radiator hose, charge air bypass control valve

thanks in advance for your help