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    2002 saab 9-5 v6 rough idle when cold start

    My 02 9-5 has a rough idle when I start it, it all started when I noticed a whistling sound from what appears to be a leak in the brake booster vacuum hose but when I press on the break the car idles smooth like it suppose to and whistle stops but once brake is released high rough idle comes back with whistle..... helpppp

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    You answered your own question -- the problem is a vacuum leak. In the short term, try to find the hole in the booster line and wrap it with some electrical tape. Then order a new line and replace the failed one.

    To find the leak, get a spray can of brake cleaning solvent. Start the engine and spray the solvent along the suspect vacuum line. When you hear the idle increase, you've found the leak.

    More responsible people would say "have a fire extinguisher at hand." That's good advice, but I have a history of ignoring good advice, and the scars to prove it.

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