I am working to upgrade the factory stereo in my 2007 Saab 9-5 and I'm using a kit which includes the Spiral Audio IX-SA001 interface.

This interface plugs right into the factory plugs. The main wires it's using (other than the speaker wires) are the constant positive, constant ground and the can-bus (GMLAN1) wire.

The IX-SA001 module is supposed to use the can-bus wire to decide when to turn on an output lead that it has, which is equivalent to an ignition switch positive power.

I got it all wired up and it didn't work. I have an RMA to exchange the device since it appears to be defective. In my searching I came across this page http://saabworld.net/showthread.php?t=84 which was really interesting.

In post #5, nordwulf, describes how he had to solder in a resistor between two of the leads in order to program the interface module that he was using.

I'm wondering if anyone has used this Spiral Audio IX-SA001 module before and if I need to also wire in a resistor? Or if there are any hints or tips that might help me get this up and going.

Of course, the unit could actually be defective, and I will know once I receive the new one. My fear is I'll receive the new module and it will also not work...

Thanks for any help you might offer!