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    '97 Talladega convertible....900 na chipped convertible, .....
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    Mysterious Talladega

    A lot of misinformation surrounding the 1987 and 1997 Talladega. Most think it was a dealer promotion, but it was actually a Saab limited release to commemorate their world speed records set in 1986 and1996 respectively, at the Talladega Super Speedway USA.

    There were only ever 200 of these cars built, and if you have one, it's travelling around the $20k-30k mark in Australia, depending on the year, condition, mileage, body type etc. My mint Cyaenne red 1997 convertible was valued at $22k in 2018 by an industry insurance assessor.

    Three colours only, and a reason for each....firstly a solid colour, BLACK ...true black, no metallics or pearls
    secondly, a metallic... SILVER ...as it was the first ever metallic colour and symbolic to benchmarks.
    Thirdly, a true pearl, a hotrodder's choice, a deep red with the addition of copper and gold pearl added directly to the red.... undeniably swank and gorgeous.

    It wears the SE badge, and so it should, as it didn't have options...it came standard with all SE options, as well as a cool set of lightened BBS rims with Michelin Pilot low profile bags rated to 300km/hr!

    Want to know more about anything Saab 900 cars??
    I'll help wherever I can

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