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The 1987 Saab 900 convertible from the movie Sideways is currently for sale. The car was listed on eBay with a Buy-it-now price of $45,000 which appears to be a bit of wishful thinking. There were 23 bids with a max of $5,100 but the reserve was not met.

They relisted the car and is now without a reserve price and 1 bid of $5,500

$5,500 seems a bit much for a 900 convertible in this shape but it does have Hollywood cred and that may be worth something to a new owner. It actually would be nice to see this end up in the Saab Museum USA as part of history of Saab in the USA.

It appears the plan of the current owner to provide wine tours wasn't all that successful.

The description and pictures on eBay are not that great but they certainly think it is worth much more than the average Saab 900.

Saab from the movie "Sideways" Comes with certificate of authenticity. Collector's car - great car for your winery or a bespoke tour experience!

Runs and drives, heat, windows, roof all work. On sale outside of eBay. Movie cars in pristine condition have gone for $100K+ - buy to collect or invest.,, and are all included with the transfer!