Short Story: mechanic ripped me off / PCV problems / had to replace the rear crankshaft seal

I've replaced the seal - required a ton of things to take off in order to get to it

while getting the transmission back in place - I cracked the outer housing which I have now found out is the torque converter end housing plate

I've ordered a replacement plate

this is my question:

the transmission is still not fully connected

The housing cracked while I was tightening the transmission bolts (I don't have a pillar jack)

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I initially noticed a sleeve that was not fitting and I have since been able to get the sleeve to fit

as I'm tightening the bolts - I can hear it continue to crack and there is a slight bulge

not sure whats causing it - the torque converter is in nice and tight and is inside the bell housing

should I continue to tighten it up or wait until I get the replacement plate?

or is there is something I cant see besides the sleeve thats causing it to crack?

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