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    Aftermarket stereo on 9-5 Sw vector 2003

    Hi, i write from Italy, I read something here, but I found more information about 9-3 and not 9-5, ..
    My premium stereo system on 9-5 in 2003 was decoupled from the car, "RADIO Code" after a quick replacement of the car battery ... after I had changed another 3 or 4 and nothing had happened ...
    With a Tech 2 to an authorized Saab have not managed to re-couple it .... so I know that the solution is to get rid of it and change the system, right? There are no particular hacks to remove the RADIO CODE in other ways?

    If you want to put a single din, apart from the bridge adapter and the antenna there is a plug-and-play connector to connect the whole and also the amplifier of the premium system (7 speakers + original amp + Pioneer cd cassette) without having to swap with other cables?
    I would like to do the installation by myself, on ebay there are kits with the 1-din dashboard and the cables but they never point out if they fit on the amplified Premium system ... 8)
    The stereo that I would like to mount is this alpine bluetooth because in addition to price and functionality that are enough, you can also adjust the colors of the display and the keys to resume the style of the bridge.
    Thanks to those who want to help me.

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    search on forum you will find complete installation guide ...

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    I think Bruno is referring to this thread: http://saabworld.net/showthread.php?t=84

    It's a long thread but probably has all the information you're looking for.

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