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    Saab rocking car

    Found this on craigslist in the land of Sweeds https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/h...798843851.html

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    It is missing the bottom - the one I have and all the others I have seen are sealed. This is open as if someone lost the plate or was going to make it a pedal car? Odd - looks in really nice shape otherwise. I'd buy it to transfer parts from mine to make it 100% right. Mine will require a refurbish as it's well used and my son currently loves it.

    Edit - Just saw his $400 asking price LOL - no thanks - not for one that is missing the floorboard! I got mine for about $100 shipped. You can still buy these new for about this much but shipping is a killer.....

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    Where do you find a new Rocking Saab? I bought the ride-on version late last year for our yet-to-be-born Grandson from PlaySam at 60% Off. The rocking version seemed to be NLA everywhere I looked.

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