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    E30 fuel

    So a local gas station just started selling e15, e30 and e85. I know your not supposed to run more then e10 in non-flex fuel cars but is e30 really that bad for it. I am needing a tune so I might just go the e85 route anyways but for now. I have ran two tanks through my 2000 9-5 with no codes. Runs smoothly if not a little better then before.

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    Short term, you probably won't see much effect. Long term, the alcohol will degrade the seals and hoses. It will put added strain on the fuel pump which wasn't designed for it. Your fuel injectors will eventually be affected also. If the car isn't designed for the higher ethanol, don't use it unless you want to deal with other problems down the road..

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    Without talking about the DIC and knocking engine management ...

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    All above are correct. Plus the MPG will go down, so there really isn't any savings.

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