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    Post Updating Saab Navigation Radio RPO UYS Operating System to U803

    Updating Saab Navigation Radio RPO UYS Operating System to U803

    In order to help those customers with Navigation radio concerns that do not wish to have their radios repaired permanently by using United Radio we will make the update available through IRIS.
    NOTE: This update may not repair the condition and or the condition may return at a later date. The only option left at that time is to send the part to United Radio.

    Using a 512 MB or larger USB memory stick inset the drive into an available USB port on your shop computer. (Make sure you use a blank or memory stick that has been formatted).

    To format the memory stick (RIGHT) click on the memory stick Icon in “My Computer”. Then select “Format” (NOTE: This will erase all data on the drive). Use the default settings for the formatting the drive: FAT32 and Quick Erase. Click OK to format.

    NOTE: Internet Explorer 11 MUST be used exclusively for all Service applications.

    The navigation update files are located in the Parts and Service Reference Library under this path:
    US/Service and Warranty Reference Library/SVUSA-Group 3 Electrical Technical
    Information/Navigation Radio UYS U803 System Update for Clock Navigation and Memory Concerns

    Once the memory stick has been formatted, load the 3 NAVIGATION software files highlighted in yellow below on the usb DRIVE. Internet Explorer MUST be used for all Service applications.
    Name:  PICU803A.jpg
Views: 2015
Size:  20.4 KB

    To upload the files to your PC so you can save them to a USB drive, create a new folder on your PC in a location you can remember and name it U803. Left click on each file name highlighted above and when this box opens (below) select Save As and save the file to the folder you just created.
    Name:  PICU803B.jpg
Views: 1995
Size:  9.0 KB

    Next transfer these files to the blank USB drive we formatted earlier. Do not transfer the folder just the files to the drive.

    When the transfer is complete safely remove the USB stick by right clicking the ICON again and selecting “EJECT”. You should receive a message telling you the drive is safe to remove.

    Connect the Midtronics® PSC 550 Battery Maintainer (SPS Programming Support Tool EL-49642) or an equivalent to the battery of the vehicle.

    Put vehicle in the “Accessory” position. Press and hold START button for 10 seconds do not put your foot on the brake pedal during this time.

    Turn the Navigation Radio on before inserting the USB drive into the usb port in the center console.

    With the vehicle switch in the Accessory position and the radio on, insert the USB drive into the center console USB port.

    You should see a screen similar to this when the download starts. The current version should show as U413 or U415
    Name:  PICU803C.jpg
Views: 2106
Size:  35.7 KB

    Select OK to continue.

    The radio will display the title: “Program Update” along with warnings not to interrupt power or remove the media. A bar graph will form indicating progress and an “OK” button will appear. PRESS the appropriate radio button or area of the screen to activate the “OK” command and begin programming.
    Name:  PICU803D.jpg
Views: 2109
Size:  23.0 KB

    A status bar indicates progress.

    Important: DO NOT cycle the ignition even if the view screen indicates to cycle it. At the conclusion of the USB drive downloading to the radio, installation of the programming will automatically begin as indicated by the white progress bar below and the screen may have a white hue. It is normal for the white progress bar to remain stationary for extended periods. If the view screen instead remains blank for more than 40 minutes, you may then cycle the ignition. This will reinitialize the programming event. Do not remove the USB flash drive.

    After the USB programming has completed the screen will go blank. It is not necessary to observe the entire programming process. Once the screen has gone blank, a white outline bar graph will appear. The downloaded software will automatically install. Once this progress bar fills, the screen will go blank and USB programming will be complete.

    When the programming event has completed, the radio will display: Download Complete and the version number U803

    Turn OFF the ignition for 60 seconds.

    Remove the USB flash drive.

    The vehicle MUST now be calibrated.

    Important: After completion of the USB programming event, but prior to the initialization of SPS programming, the radio will display a Cadillac splash screen if operated. This is a normal condition. Completion of the SAAB SPS programming below will restore the radio to the proper splash screen for the vehicle being serviced.

    Open Tis2Web, click on SPS.When the Select Diagnostic Tool and Programming Process screen opens.
    Select: J-2534 MDI
    Select: Reprogram ECU
    Select: “RADIO” from the list
    Follow the on screen prompts

    You must now select the proper choices for the build of the vehicle you are servicing. Refer to the vehicle SPID label or the vehicle build information through EPC catalog for the specific RPOs the vehicle is equipped with.

    9-5 WIS File path for whole vehicle RPO list
    9-5 (9650) / 2010 / General / General / Technical description / RPO Code List
    9-5 Service Parts ID Label (SPID)
    The vehicle service parts identification label is located on the driver’s side b-pillar. The label is used to help identify the vehicle original parts and options.

    9-4X WIS File path for whole vehicle RPO list
    9-4x / 2011 / Service / Saab Service US/CA / Technical data / RPO Code List
    9-4X Service Parts ID Label (SPID)
    The vehicle service parts identification label is located in the rear compartment under the right rear floor compartment cover. The label is use to help identify the vehicle original parts and options.

    Once you have selected the proper vehicle options, you may initiate SPS programming. Upon completion of this step, the radio is updated.

    Important: The navigation radio will be returned to factory default values during this upgrade.
    Important: Clock functionality may be temporarily hampered after updating until a GPS signal is established. If your buildings service area inhibits GPS signals, the vehicle should be moved outside to an unobstructed area prior to returning the vehicle to the customer.

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    Can I enquire if anyone has done the udate? I have a 2010 Saab 9-5 2.0 TID4. If so can you please let me know if it is as complicated as the instructions show? Also I take it this is the European version? Thanks WIll

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    I have done an update E800 (that is for Europe) from the USB stick. Not more difficult than updating the firmware on an average laptop.
    It rectified many issues with the navigation, updated some maps and tidied audio playlists, corrected the clock and in general infotainment works better.
    I have found the download link on some Saab forum about 2 years ago or so.
    It all went like it is written here, but no TIS or any other garage dependant "complication" and a cost.

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    Hello Jeffrey,

    so where is the parts and reference library that you are referring to? I can't find it anywhere.

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