The SCNA is being "ReFashioned"

The SAAB Club of North America(SCNA) is currently in the midst of a new "ReFashion" Campaign" and would like the help of the entire SAAB community.

Registration for the 2019 SAAB Owners' Convention just officially opened at:
You will immediately notice some very exciting changes for SOC 2019:

1) There is a new logo design
2) There is a payment plan for the registration fee
3) In line with the SOC 2019 Viggen theme, there is an add-on "Viggen Exclusive VIP Package" ( with some amazing one-off Viggen gifts and some very special convention perks.

Going forward and during this new ReFashion Campaign, the voice of the SAAB community is vital to building something bigger and more inclusive. Starting this year there will be new FREE SCNA "SAAB Meet and Greet" events across the country, the first one is scheduled to take place in Virginia on a magnificent 600 acre estate on March 31st.

If you have an idea for a; change, event, new membership benefits, SAAB swag or anything that you feel will make the national SAAB Club of North America(SCNA) better, please add a comment or send me a PM. Also, if you would like to write a column for the Nines Magazines or if you have a high resolution photo file of your SAAB and would like for it to appear in Nines, send me a PM.