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    Question Fan Motor Acc blowing full speed - no way to stop


    After numerous searches and troubleshooting for an internal fan motor going wild, I need your help to understand what component I need to change. It is sometimes called "HVAC blower" too.

    I've dismantled the motor responsible for pushing air into the cabin.
    The moment I put the key on, it gets constant 12V (whatever the fan speed on SID control).
    Only way to stop is to remove the C fuse, a 30amp one.

    Fuse removed and other systems currently activated:

    My SID model

    The fan motor in question (without resistor)

    The connector to the resistor

    According to Haynes, the electrical circuit should send various volts due to a combination of resistors (maybe the green resistor part)
    However after checking on it with an Ohmeter I see that + and - are directly feeding the motor, therefore it's always 12V.
    No explanation why the motor doesn't stop when I remove the contact key.
    Quick remark: the green resistor wasn't found (only white socket) when I dismantled the whole system it was either non present or has completely "disappeared".

    Car is on good shape, so maybe the SID is faulty, what do you think?

    (it has been replaced some years ago)
    Removing the fan motor is not something easy: It is completely undocumented on the web. At the end it's very similar to an Opel Omega fan system.
    I'll make a youtube in case anyone is interested.

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    download WIS on that site you will have all answers to your questions

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