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    Engine switch

    Hello guys,
    I got me a sweet 93 2009 convertible with under 100k km on it. The car is like brand new. I would like to replace the 150hp engine with V6 2.8T. How much would that cost, is it possible, does the chassis need altering as well, do I need a new gearbox?
    Any kind of info would be a lot of help.
    Current engine is B207E with automatic transmission.
    Thank you upfront!

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    Do you have pics? That's a pretty ambitious mod. Have you considered how much more Hp and Torque you can get out of the current B207e or switching with a B207R and larger turbo? Wouldn't imagine the LP9 engine would fit w/o significant mods. But where there's a will, there's often a way.

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