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    Possible 9-5 Aero
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    Gary Fisher Edition 9-5 Wagon

    Well, looks like I missed out on the 2005 9-5 Aero I wanted to look at on Satruday. I wasn't able to get back out to drive the car and now the ad is pulled and no answer from the seller.

    I found a 2000 9-5 "Gary Fisher" Edition. Anyone know what spec motor is in that car? It must be the non Aero 2.3t, right?

    Back to the drawing board in the car search. I might go look at this car, but I wanted something a little newer. Pretty slim pickin's around me.

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    2000 9-5 Gary fisher
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    Gary Fisher Edition 9-5 Wagon

    It is the linear spec motor. I have one also but it is not hard to upgrade. Mine is now a stage 2 aero. The turbo is the major thing that needs to be changed
    Of course a tune

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