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    lack of power

    Im sorry if this is been covered before but ive looked through the vacuum diagrams and none match mine.. car is a 2004 saab 9-3 2.2 tid saloon arc

    If i try and go uphill near top of rev band in 4th the power dies and i get error code p0244 everytime so i had a good look around,
    the maf sensor looks good, the map was gummed up and damaged so i changed it, all pipes from airbox to throttle housing look good and no splits and from what i can see of intercooler looks good to.

    I tested wastegate with a hand held vacuum pump and it works i also started car and revved with guage connected to plastic boost control valve (1 plug at top, 1 hose at bottom and 1 on side) and there was no reading or suction on thumb with it over pipe so i think it might be faulty but im not sure on plumbing its as follows.

    The vacuum pump is connected to 2 t-pieces that go into both connection on air tank and top valve near battery (vac) the other connection (out) goes to bottom of boost control valve and side pipe goes 2 bottom valve near battery (vac) and the other connection (out) goes to wastegate then there is a vacuum valve above egr valve for throttle i think that is fed from a valve at end of engine block

    Could somebody possibly post a picture of what theres looks like thanks

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