as the title says i couldnt find a vacuum hose diagram on internet that matched my car but by chance i when to breakers erlier and they had a car identical under bonnet to mine so i made a diagram of the vacuum layout and took the hoses and solenoid but there is some good news and some bad.

If i connect everything up the same the wastegate pulls in when you start car and comes out as you rev then back in so i think thats working but when you rev the egr mechanism pulls up fine but takes about 20 seconds to return down again if it does but if you use your finger it moves up and down freely so am i write in thinking its faulty because if you let it idle its fine then as you try and drive its lurching and black smoke and if you switch the pipes on the solenoid for the egr the wastegate stop working and lurching stops but the egr move when you rev it?