Hello all,
Fishing for guidance again. I recently purchased a 2006 Saab 9-3 Aero Sportcombi with the 2.8t V6. I've been scouring forums and watching YouTube vids, etc, looking for info and, of course, there's a lot out there but it's often conflicting.
I've ordered the Tech2 and I'm currently waiting for it. As luck would have it, I ordered it right before a national week off in China so it looks like it won't even get sent for 8 or 10 more days. To fill the time I've been scouring the local junk yards (not many around here) and have found some items I'm going to pull to use on mine. I found a 9-3 sedan (forgot to check which engine it had, I'm assuming the 2.0T) that has springs (
I got the part # off of the front springs and they appear to be H&R springs)
and Koni Sports on it as well as some semi-decent wheels. I'm wondering the following:

1) From what I've read, the springs for the cars with the V6 are a little beefier to deal with the extra weight. It appears that the Koni-sport struts and shocks are called out as the same units, across the line (from my limited parts searching online). Can I use the Koni-Sport struts and shocks and then get the appropriate springs, strut bearings, etc elsewhere?

2) If I can get the Konis for 150, that'd be a lot less than 800-1000 new. One of the YouTube posters indicated that they were using Bilsteins all around with Eibach or H&R springs for lowering in the front and the Lesjfors for the rear. Seemed to work out for him. I understand from what I've read, that in this application, Eibachs seem to be preferred springs, over H&R. I'm guessing that if I won't be able to use the H&Rs on the front anyway, I'll likely go with new Lesjfors all around and use the Koni Sports with them. Seem like that would be a good idea? Suggestions?

3) I'm also working on pulling a seat out of a parts car (my drivers seat bolster is ragged) and have watched a few vids about jumpering power to get them to move to access the track bolts. I see that the seats have a seat position sensor. When replacing my seat with the new one, do I need to wonder about having it in the same position? I'm going to scoot my seat forward and disconnect my battery and wait a bit before pulling my seat. I'm assuming that the seat position sensor is only fore/aft location. Is that correct? Am I overthinking it?
Thanks again for any input,
Have a great day,