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    Tracking/recording trips

    Hi everyone!

    As the summer is well underway, I am finally about to hit the road again and get some great trips with my 9-3. Really looking forward to it!

    In the past I've been thinking it would be great to track/record my trips, but I did not have a tool for it at hand, and so it just went out the window. This year I am planning ahead of time, and thought it would be a simple matter of finding the app/tool that I liked the best and then start the car... But I cannot find ANY app that does this. I am thinking something like Strava (the activity/fitness app) for driving. Ideally it would record the route, speed along the way, elevation, distance, climb... Imagination is the limit.
    But since I cannot find any such tool, I am coming here for help. Does anyone use any such tools? How hard can it be? I mean we have a multitude of apps for this, only for running/cycling/diving(!)/...

    Any help is very welcome!!


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    That would be a cool app to record all of those things. I go on many road trips myself and would find that interesting to view afterwards.

    I found this app for tracking a route and I am going to give it a try to see how it works: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/route-...te/id933469609

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    The Torque OBD2 app I use records my trip and speed info and puts on a Google Map. It requires a bluetooth obd2 transmitter to work. It's also a great tool for real time PCM info (intake temp, spark advance, calculate hp and torque, etc.) and can read and erase check engine lights.

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