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    Calling all ECM Gurus, Surging issue 06 9-3 2.0T

    Okay, So some of you have seen what I've been going through with my new 06 manual saab 9-3 2.0T

    Quick time line, Sent ECM to be rebuilt... after raw gas smell from tailpipe, Limp mode...etc... p0300 misfire p201-204 injector codes, car worked for ~2 weeks perfectly... same codes again, limp mode again, was told by ECM rebuilder... injectors/air charge solenoid and BCV solenoid... were to blame, replaced them...Sent ecm back for repair, they called back said simulator showed ecm was fine... got ecm back a few days later... replaced injectors with master ASE certified remans, replaced injector sub harness...BCV and air charge solenoid, put ecm in.. worked fine for 1 day, boom injector codes again....

    Called local saab shop... he says, once ecm bad.. its bad... in his experience....So I told him I have a 2007 auto sitting in my driveway...can I used this ecm with my 06 manual.. he checks, says yes... I drive it down in limp mode... he brings out tech II... Marries ECM, Tells me I have a rare saab in this darker red with manual tranny...Kinda makes me happy...I take for test drive, all check engine codes gone, I feel it surge a bit under full throttle in first gear, but acels nicely under full throttle in every other gear.

    Need car as it has been down for 3 weeks now... Bumming rides is getting old..So I drive it home.. even with the surge...Car still to this day, a week later no check engine codes, but does Surge under partial throttle in every gear...Making highway driving a huge pain...still mostly fine under full throttle.. Al-tho i have noticed once or twice the surge under full throttle.... My question is... Could because 2007 ecm was auto...and a different part # this be a problem? I still have the 07 sitting in my driveway, only thing I've swapped from the 07-->06 is the valve cover.. since i damaged my 06 valve cover when removing metal plate hiding the coils... and the ECM, replaced valve cover gaskets with fel pro of course. Maybe the younger tech that did the tech II Marry entered the wrong Info in the swap into the 2007 ecm that went into my 06....? Could this be a throttle body problem? again all parts from 07 auto are avail..... Things i've also checked, all vacuum hoses I could get my hands on in my driveway, they are soft.. and can see no splits on every one I checked... Also i did the bolt bypass on the air charge solenoid... with it bypassed or not.. same issue. Now, I've read conflicting stories on how these ECM are compatible... and was hoping someone could clear up once in for all.. Is this a incompatible ECM? I'm guessing no considering it runs no check engine ...Other than the surge, BUt I figured i'd ask

    Also to describe the partial throttle surge, the turbo gunge goes up and down between the u-b on the gauge...Once you go over 60% throttle it goes to the normal near red part of the turbo gauge... If anyone can provide any in sight as to whether this problem just came up out of no where...or its ecm related.. as it did not surge with the original ECM prior to it going bad...or its something else? Could I have not done the valve cover gasket set right or something? Altho i doubt this as I was a light mechanic for 5 years with a shop and Have done a million of these...on a million different makes...Again car is drive able.. and I'm thankful for that, but I'd like it running like stock... and stop the surge...


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    Because the ECM was a different part number and because the 07 has different throttle body and injectors than the 06 it could be a problem, then again, someone who knows what works with what might know which 07 ECM will work on the 06. 03 ECM with same number works with 04. 05 ECM with same number works with 06, I don't know if an 07 will work on 06.

    Not all things are ECM and not all things pop a code and with a manual tranny surging can be as simple as a slipping clutch. Throttle surge with bouncing turbo gage can also be throttle body, or throttle peddle, fuel pressure regulator, or filter and last but not least a loose biscuit in the catalytic converter.

    These are the things you can check without test equipment. When the pipe is cold bang on the cat and listen for biscuit rattle, check the vacuum line to the fuel pressure regulator for smell of raw gas, Have someone turn the key on while you watch the butterfly on the throttle body cycle. Check the free play on the clutch.

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