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    New Member-Needs Help -Starts then dies

    Hello !
    I have a 2001 Saab 9-5 with a 3.0 and Turbo. I Enjoy this Vehicle and intend to keep it for more years.I have a problem and it has been driving Me Nuts. Engine died,check fuses,replaced fuel pump fuse,Car would start off prime and die. Replaced Crank Sensor - Fuel Pump - and still dies.
    I must be overlooking something but what?

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    You dis not mention the fuel filter. There is an in line fuel filter tocated under the vehicle in front of the right, rear wheel. That could be an option.
    I am having a similar kind of issue but I believe mine is a vacuum leak somewhere. I dont habe a tech2 to use but I do have an obd2 code reader that allows me to read info from some of the sensors and my car apparently runs rich at idle which causes it to flood out and stall. I discovered this by looking at my "short term fuel trim" reading where it would go as high as 99% as it stalls. From what I have found is that it should run around 14% or something like that.

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